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TLCP Program

Little Caliphs dalam Majalah 3 Bahagian 2/2

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The Little Caliphs Program - New Youtube Videos

Majalah Pa & Ma Seksyen 7 Worldwide, Shah Alam

TADIKA LITTLE CALIPHS Seksyen 7 Worldwide, Shah Alam : Kecerdasan untuk Dunia dan Akhirat

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The Little Caliphs Program - Parents’ Testimonials

Little Caliphs dalam Majalah 3 Bahagian 1/2

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The Little Caliphs Program - New Youtube Videos

Majalah Pa & Ma

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TADIKA LITTLE CALIPHS Wujudkan persekitaran islamik

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The Little Caliphs Program - Parents’ Testimonials

The Founders

In 2003, The Little Caliphs Program was founded by Hajjah Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin and her husband, Haji Roslan bin Nordin. The first is the academic author, whilst the later is the business author of the program.

TLCP Founder

Hajjah Sabariah Faridah Binti Haji Jamaluddin.

Chief Academic Officer, Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd.

  • A concerned muslimah, a mother of five children, and a high spirited educationist.
  • B. Sc. Chemistry, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (1986).
  • Tungku Kurshiah College, Seremban (1977-1981)
  • Past experiences:
  • o        A lecturer of UiTM & American Degree Preparation Program
  • o         Head of Pre-Science Program, Kolej Inpens (owned by Selangor State Government)
  • o         Lecturer of Pre-School Teaching Certification Program under Ministry of Education, run by Kolej Pendidikan Perdana, Shah Alam
  • o         English teacher at SRI KL International School, Subang Jaya.
  • Founder and Executive Director of Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam (IISSA).
  • Founded first kindergarten in 1986, and since then has trained and consulted many kindergartens in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
  • Trained and mastered in various learning and teaching methodologies.
  • Author of several books for pre-school, primary, and secondary school.
  • Specialized in content development, integration and islamization of knowledge, and creative teaching methodologies.
  • The main academic author of The Little Caliphs Program.
  • Runs her own Little Caliphs kindergartens.
  • Supervises and monitors the quality of Little Caliphs centres.

Kak Faridah


Haji Roslan Bin Nordin

Chief Executive Officer, Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd.

  • A keen learner of Islam, a father of five children
  • An information technology and management professional, a business coach and consultant, an educationist, and a seasoned entrepreneur.
  • M. Sc. in Computer Sc., CMU, MI, USA (1988)
  • B. Sc. in Computer Sc., WMU, MI, USA (1986)
  • King George V Secondary School, Seremban (1977-1982).
  • Former positions: President of an IT firm, General Manager IT & Billing at Telekom Malaysia International BD, Dean of Information Technology Faculty at Universiti Industri Selangor, Corporate Strategy Manager at NISSAN Saudi Arabia, Lecturer at University Teknologi MARA.
  • Public trainer and consultant on Kinderpreneurship, Project Management, Balanced Scorecard, and Inner Skills of Wealth Creation.
  • Developed Little Caliphs Kinderpreneurship Program
  • Serving Little Caliphs on part-time basis since 2003, and on full-time basis since 2009.

The Little Caliphs Program - About Little Caliphs

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